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If You've Been Online Long Enough to Recognise the Huge Value in PLR Products and Know This Is Where Your Profitable Online Future Lies... This Is The Most Important Letter You Will Ever Read.




From:  Neil Robins

Easy Marketing Group


Dear Online Marketer,

If you've been working on the internet for a while now - and you've had chance to learn a little, or a lot, about Private Label Rights (PLR) then I'm sure you're already impressed with the business potential. 

But hang on a minute!  Have you got going with all those PLR products stashed away on your harddrive?   Or do any of the following describe your problems with getting started on pulling in that cash?

"I am new to Private Label Rights and have little or no idea on how to make money from these products."
"I own the Private Label Rights to some products... but so do 499+ other people!   I know this area is HIGHLY competitive and some of the resellers are selling the products at super rock bottom prices, undercutting me and everyone else!   I don't know what to do.  Is it worth bothering with PLR products?"
"I've heard about creating several ongoing income streams from all the Private Label Content that I have in my hard drive, but I just don't know where to start?"

If you have checked one or more of the boxes above, then you owe it to yourself to read every line of this page.

And I guarantee you that by the time you reach the end of this letter, you will know more than 99% of the people out there, about Private Label Rights in the Internet Marketing industry.

I have been marketing online for years now at this time of writing.  What many folks don't know though, is that I make a great living from buying, using and selling other people's PLR products.

Myself and my business partner (and wife) currently own a growing online network of on-going income generators that originated from Private Label Content or Master Resell Rights, selling a variety of digital products and memberships.  We achieve all of this through using...

8 Totally Different, Unique PLR Profit Program Blueprints That Really Work!

It's remarkable in many ways, considering that we had ZERO online business experience prior to joining the Internet Marketing scene.

Hey, I hope you don't think I'm just bragging here.  But I DO want to impress upon you that it is MORE THAN POSSIBLE to make handsome profits at will from Private Label Content.  And it doesn't matter what price level you want to work at either.  Even though 499 other resellers may own the Private Label Rights to the same products as you do, and regardless of how high or how low these resellers set their prices for each of the same products... you can make a terrific income, easily with PLR.

How would YOU like to master the set of priceless skills that will have you doing just that, starting today?   Now it's possible...

"Announcing The PLR Profits Program That Really Works!"


For The First Time Ever... YOU Too, Can Unlock The Secrets To Mastering Multiple Unique, Profit-Making Strategies That You Can Use To Build Your Online Empire With Private Label Content!

We could only teach a finite amount of people if we were working on a one-on-one basis.  So, instead, we conceived this full-blown course where we reveal EVERYTHING we've learned in the past few years that can bring you massive success with making money from Private Label Rights.

This is not something that you already know well.  We have been keeping tabs on other 'PLR Expert' wanna-be's in the Internet Marketing arena and they're not even talking about what we're sharing in our 8 PLR Profit Blueprints!

Here's What You're About To Learn . . .

How we get people to not only pay us for a product, but then build our mailing list!  This technique has helped brand ourselves and our business in the process, as authority figures in our chosen niche.

The concept behind the possibility of pulling in nearly $20,000 in total sales in under a week, while bringing in 300 paid customers!

Why low, low prices are for losers.  I have nothing against pricing your products low for the 'low hanging fruit' market but if you want to make big money, you have to think BIG (and this is what this eBook is all about!)

Why you can still pull this off even though you may have no product yet, no list or even no established credibility yet!

How to make use of the same PLR products to make money and build your opt-in mailing list, even if other resellers are already selling it.  There's a common myth that you can't make money if the PLR product is too saturated.  Our "$20,000 case study" is irrefutable proof.

Just by shifting the focus "a little" we can greatly increase the perceived value of our products even though they were re-worked Private Label Content acquired at free to low cost.

The same process I went through when creating membership levels that sold for $67, $97 and $147 each.

Low cost membership scripts that you can grab at affordable prices and are easy to install... even if you don't know how to. 

How NOT to make yours a 'typical' PLR membership site. There are already too many of those sites and it's becoming over competitive.  I'll show you how to be different from other membership sites, and how you can then duplicate its success for incredible results in any other niches.

This blueprint can help sky rocket an anonymous marketer into Internet Marketing stardom!

How you can build your name virally and pump red hot leads into your autoresponder account aggressively!

A little known profit center you can tap into and make money from your readers, and as a 'side effect' put a catalyst into the viral distribution of your eBooks!

Anyone with no credibility (yet), no product and no list can take advantage of this PLR Profit Strategy starting today...

You will probably make the headlines if you can pull off this feat by running the lives of a string of Internet Marketers and building your online media influence exponentially!

Hardcore, unique list building strategy never revealed or thought about by other Internet Marketers... until we discovered this.

How to make a highly profitable income from a string of online newsletters, and tap into an everlasting market of opportunity-seeking advertisers! (Depending on how big you build your online newsletters, you can charge anywhere from $50 to even $300+ per advertising space!)

And yes... you can achieve all this using Private Label Rights content!

Aggressive list building strategies to build your list quickly, keep subscribers and lower your un-subscription rate...

This technique can separate you totally from the rest of the PLR junkies with the "hobbyist" mentality… especially when you begin comparing the size of your bank accounts.

Turn your existing hard drive collection of Private Label Rights products into an active gold mine with this strategy!

How to develop a USP (or Unique Selling Proposition) for your own online vault and make money... either through one-time payments or monthly billings and earn residual income!

How to get members to your membership site!

The secret of many TOP Internet Marketers who THINK BIG and MAKE IT BIG with the existing Private Label Content they have… and EARN BIG.

How to create your own comprehensive Information Products in record time, using only Private Label Content!

How to go middle or high ticket with this PLR business model!

It's possible to make $1,500 - $4,500 every time we do this, and the product development cost is often close to zero.

The 'hamburger' analogy... how adding value to your PLR spells more money in this PLR Profit Strategy.  And once again more proof as to why your competitors and their petty 'basement price selling' is irrelevant to how much money you plan to make online!

This strategy is highly duplicable with other people's PLR products or even Public Domain content as long as there are no licence restrictions to their use.

Want to be wealthy? Think like the Dummies *hint*.

How you can quadruple your cash points just as the Dummies guides are doing in book shops... but believe it or not, you have a better advantage of closing a higher percentage of sales simply because you're using the Internet!

How to pull this off in quick succession and build a stronger brand name using Private Label Content. This is the same Private Label strategy applied by retail stores like Giant, Tesco and Wal-Mart.

Spawn multiple low-ticket products with Private Label Rights and create an exponential network for exponential income!  This is exactly how my $10 products sell in volumes for long periods of time in addition to my middle- and high-ticket products in the marketplace.

And There's So Much More in This Volume...

You Get The Complete 'Modus Operandi' Behind All The Other Highly Profitable PLR Strategies!

  Get Your Copy Now If:

You are clueless on how to profit from Private Label Content.  In this fact-filled 60+ page eBook, you will discover proven, time-tested strategies that you can use as your own.  Turn the digital trash already on your harddrive, into cash.

You are sick and fed up of competing with hundreds of other resellers whose idea of marketing is simply to undercut you and others.  When you use any of the Blueprints in our PLR Profits Program your competitors become irrelevant and we will show how you can make money at will - whether you want to go low ticket, mid ticket or high ticket.

You are serious about creating an expanding, profitable Online Empire.  Now you can understand the same exact secrets that took us years to learn (and unlearn occasionally) to achieve our own six figure online empire from scratch!

But, hold on a moment...


This Manual Is NOT For You If:

You prefer to complain about your competitors or the vendors who sold you the Private Label Rights rather than taking productive action.  If you feel comfortable complaining about your competitors (though I understand your feelings) or taking your anger out on other PLR sellers because they're charging too little for the same product you have, please DON'T invest in this course.  We're divulging powerful money-making strategies, but you have to exhibit a positive mindset to fully take advantage of them.

You think that this crash course is a "silver bullet" to online riches.  I want to be 100% clear with you that we do NOT make promises on the amount of profits you may make from using the information in this course. You may take action and make the money you have been dreaming of.  Or you may do nothing and of course, achieve NOTHING.

Often this should go without saying but before anyone gets the wrong idea, I wanted to spell this out clearly.


"Years of Knowledge... Now Distilled Into Just 60+ pages Of Rock-Solid, Ground Breaking Information!"

It's taken a lot of time, but now every marketing strategy we work with has been added to this full-blown Program - no secrets held back - and...

You Receive A Huge 60+ PAGE EBOOK

(& Some Brilliant Bonuses!)  

(More than $100 Value)

The best and fastest way to learn is to print this PDF eBook.  Grab a coffee and read it all the way through first to get a total grasp of the concepts.  Then hang up the "Do Not Disturb" notice and get started on working with the first Blueprint.

We have deliberately left space throughout the Book for you to make your own notes and jolt down your own potential million dollar ideas.

This is a comprehensive guide to making money and growing an Online Business from Private Label Rights that's guaranteed to produce results.  Always providing that you're willing to work on it.

And because we're intent on having you become a PLR success in the shortest possible time, we're including three huge bonuses that should have you well on the way to your first big paycheck!...


You need to learn something about writing copy.  Even if you decide to hire someone to write or rewrite your salespage copy, you'll need to know how to judge the results.

"30 Powerful Sales Copy Secrets" is your first Bonus download. And includes a reseller package & unrestricted private label rights!

Value: $29.97

That will take care of most of your copywriting worries!  And it includes:


"Personalize & Publicize"


This guide takes you step by step through...

1.  How to personalize your new website and download pages.

2.  Signing up for your payment processor, if you haven't already.

3.  Inserting your payment link into the web page.

4.  Loading up your site on the net.

And then...

5.  We suggest lots of ways to let the world know that your new business is up and running!


If you've never personalized a reseller page before... now you'll know exactly how to do this!





A complete Minisite

& eCovers from GraphicsChoice.com


Graphics Choice is another of the Easy Marketing Group family of products and services. 



You won't believe the range, choice, quality & value of the ready-to-use Ministes and eCovers available at GraphicsChoice.com... until you see it first hand.  So, with our compliments, you'll download "Video Marketing", completely free with your new

"PLR Profit Program".






Your first high quality PLR product from FastPLR.com


Fast PLR is another of the Easy Marketing Group family of products and services. 


20 Simple Techniques Designed to Help You Quickly Learn How To Get More Traffic To Your Website!


We call the site "Fast PLR" for a very good reason.  If the quality is high, then there's heaps less work in you revamping it, ready for sale on your own site.  Less work = less time to turn it around.  And as "20 Days To More Traffic"  comes with a licence to resell, you'll instantly have a great bonus to offer with your new main product!


Now, that's what I call a fantastic package. 


You'll study the huge amount of valuable information in all the PLR Profits Blueprint concepts. 
Then it's step by step to personalizing any reseller package and having it online. 
Add to that a complete Minisite, Promotional Banners and eCovers in the high ticket Video Marketing Niche

 ...and a high quality PLR Traffic product to learn from and resell. 


What more could you ask for?!


So Let's Add Up Everything

  You'll Be Downloading In This PLR Profit System...


PLR Profits Program
- 8 individual PLR Profit Blueprints in one 60+ page eBook
- Heaps of resources you've probably not discovered yet.  

30 Powerful Sales Copy Secrets
- unrestricted PLR

- your new "secrets" in pdf and word.doc
- salespage, download page and all graphics


- "Personalize & Publicize" step by step to having your new

business online and working!

Complete Minisite & Graphics Package "Video Marketing"
- in the high performing "video" niche

- header, footer, promo banners, order links, testimonial box and more...
- heaps of different eCovers... boxes, books, reports, membership card and more.

- all with psds, ready to edit! 

- PLR licence - resell it.

Quality PLR Package - "20 Days To More Traffic"
- in the high performing "internet marketing" niche

- reseller site and download page with all graphics

- information-packed eBook in pdf and word.doc ready to edit.

- PLR licence.

- Learn from it and resell it.


But you'll grab this whole package today...


So... you've never seen such a value packed product at such a low, low price?  If this is the first time you've discovered us, you're possibly thinking that something must be wrong?  That the individual items can't be the high quality that you need?  Not so! 


Why the low investment when we could be charging more?   Simple.   When we started out online we had absolutely ZERO business experience to back us up, and we paid a very heavy price for our online success today.  The trial and error (lots of errors) were inevitable.


So if you talk about struggling to convert digital dust into digital riches and competing with hundreds of other resellers who are undercutting each other - we've been there.  We've done that.  And we overcame these problems.  I know you can, too.


But we understand your reservations on low prices... and that's one of the reasons that we always... always, guarantee our products. 


You're going to be amazed at the massive value in this total package.  But that's what we're renowned for... huge value for quality products.



So... yes.  If you spend time inspecting and absorbing everything you'll be downloading, and then don't believe that this total package gives you everything you need to start your own money-making PLR career in the shortest time possible... we want to hear from you.  And there'll be no questions asked.  All we'll need is your receipt number to have your investment on its' way back to you.  You'd have to agree that there's no way we can be fairer than that.


No b.s. here.  Yes, it's going to take effort from you, so let's save us both some time.  If you're not prepared to put some work and time into getting your new business going... don't make the purchase.  Simple!  Anything that's worthwhile takes time and energy. 


But if you're prepared to study and take action, following the instructions to having the first PLR product online with your name on it as author, just wait until you start to see the $$results in your payment account!


Too often I receive emails from desperate marketers who are trying to figure out how to turn Private Label Rights into profits, or struggling with other resellers in a price war.  You can end all that.  Today.


You can invest in our "PLR Profits Program!" package for just $97.00 $37.00.  That works out to $4.62 per blueprint.   Yet any one of these blueprints, when applied, can bring you potentially tens of thousands of dollars And all the extras and bonuses come to you for free!


If I were to distill all our knowledge, experience and success with profiting from Private Label Rights into one power-packed package, it would be this one.  Just think... you can benefit from our vast experience without going through the same costly trial by fire we were subjected to just years ago.


Invest in your own copy of "PLR Profits Program" today and all those Bonus Specials are yours to keep at no extra cost:-

"Act Now And Invest In Our PLR Profits Program... 8 Blueprints That Really Work!"

Secure Instant Access To The PLR Profits Program For Only $97.00 $37.00

Yes Neil!  I want to start making money from Private Label Rights, and convert the PLR content in my hard drive into a profit-generating gold mine!

I understand that after making my purchase through your secure server, I can immediately access the


"PLR Profits Program"

Plus the bonuses -

"30 Powerful Sales Copy Secrets"

 with unrestricted PLR,

The "Personalize & Publicize" guide,

and a complete Minisite and eCovers

Plus my new Traffic PLR Product.


I can't wait to get started!  Thanks!


Yes, that's a huge package at an unbelievably low price, and I will admit to an ulterior motive as well as the reasons we've already discussed.  You've probably already guessed.  You see, I've got a pretty good feeling that, once you've experienced our Minisites and PLR products first hand and seen the quality and the value... you'll want more.  Now that makes marketing sense!

You know... you're going to look back at your decision to grab this package, as the best decision you made since you discovered the internet.  It really is the start to a rewarding, profitable online career.

Here's To Your Incredible PLR Profits!



Neil Robins

Easy Marketing Group

P.S. Invest in the "PLR Profit Program" today, check it out and test drive our strategies for up to 30 days from today (the day of your purchase).  Invest now and let me know what you think.

P.P.S.  We're backing our claims with a 100% satisfaction "or your money back" guarantee.  You can trust me that you have absolutely nothing to lose.  So try it out for up to 30 days.  Take your time.  Because while you're looking forward to build an incredibly profitable business and developing the magic touch to turn any PLR content into cash, I'm looking forward to receiving your testimonial.

P.P.P.S.  That's just $37 for "PLR Profit Program" PLUS "30 Sales Copy Secrets" with an unrestricted PLR licence PLUS "Personalize & Publicize" PLUS a complete PLR Minisite and eCovers in the hugely popular Video Marketing niche PLUS "20 Days To More Traffic" to learn from and resell.  Is that the best value you've come across all year... or what?  Go ahead...


"PLR Profits Program" is another product or service from

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