Hi!  We are Christine and Neil Robins and we’ve been told that it’s easier for visitors to the Blog to get a feeling for what we’re all about if we include photos of ourselves!  Actually I’m not sure if we should subject you to the pain!  You’ve been warned!  And as this is the first time we’ve allowed someone to point a camera at us for quite some time, we’re feeling the pain too!

Where to start?!   We’re two very different individuals who have found, over the years, that their likes, dislikes, skills, etc., have made for a very interesting relationship!

I hate sport (Neil loves it!) I love the movies (Neil can’t be bothered). We both love… good friends, good food, great wines, good conversation, reading and gardening. Oh… and we’re both enthusiastic about hugs!

On the business side I’m the copywriter and have more years experience with marketing and advertising than I care to admit to.  Neil is a perfect compliment to all this.  He’s the manager, administrator and lately, the seo and list building expert (we’re getting there!)

Like a lot of other people that we’re meeting at Internet Conferences, we started on the net well after most.  But are loving every minute. And we’ve learnt that, no matter what aspect of the internet you choose to make your mark in, there will be one constant “necessary” and that is… continuing your education.  We’ve found, as have millions of others, that the internet isn’t just a “product” that you can learn about and then consider that you know well.

Trying to make a business out of the internet is a little like “having a tiger by the tail”.  Just hang on tight and try to keep up with it!

One of the best ways we’ve found to do this is to build a network of internet business “friends”.  A lot of those who we consider to be our “friends” we haven’t met yet, but we have signed up for their newsletters, and we’ve gradually come to respect their internet abilities and advice.  Others we signed up for, but quickly became tired of the constant “sell, sell, sell” in their newsletters, and we’ve resigned from them.

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